Zeeman / Frank AIFW

How to design a fake new luxury brand, convincing experts, fashionistas and the Amsterdam International Fashion Week organisers of its authenticity?

With over 1.200 stores, Zeeman has become the largest cheap clothing retail chain in The Netherlands. To prove their vision, “Good clothing and textiles don’t have to be expensive”, Zeeman planned to show a collection for the first time during Amsterdam International Fashion Week (AIF).

FRANK is a luxurious “smokescreen” brand designed to create a big stunt show on Fashion Week.

FRANK was created in total secrecy. Over 30 different companies participated in the project, including brand consultants and PR agencies, but only a few insiders knew the truth behind it. At the end of the catwalk show, all the screens turned to the well-known yellow and blue logo of Zeeman revealing the real brand behind the collection.

During the show many fashion bloggers praised the quality and creativity of the catwalk and the collection, despite denying their comments afterwards. The campaign video was viewed on YouTube and TV channels by millions of people. Many newspapers and blogs covered the stunt in The Netherlands and abroad, becoming worldwide trending topic on Twitter.


As creative art director I took the lead on the whole design of FRANK’s branding. In secrecy and together with a small team, I designed the whole visual identity of the brand. From the initial mood boards to the final art, including contact cards, a look-book, clothing labels, packaging, merchandising products, goodie bags and other graphic materials. All in order to convince the AIFW organisers of the authenticity of the brand.

I also supervised the conception of the catwalk stunt, casting of the models, lighting plan, and designed and animated all the visuals that were displayed during the show.

• Creative art direction
• Brand identity design
• Marketing collaterals design
• Textiles design
• Billboards design
• Catwalk show production & design
• Film art direction

ClientZeemanServicesArt Direction, Visual DesignYear2011

COZ Marketing

CD:Micha Schipper
AD: Jorge Delgado
AD: Judith Veenendaal
PM: Karlijn Jansen
Design: Jorge Delgado
Digital:Wouter Wisselink


Fashion Designer: Frank Kungl
Photographer: Peter Stigter

STATE 31 Amsterdam

Executive Producer: Rogier Sol
Production: Sylvia van Elmpt
Director: Joris Hoebe