Smart Fiets

Smart Fiets is a full-service digital platform for citizens, and an integrated management tool for Gemeente Amsterdam.

Smart Fiets brings to Amsterdam citizens new services (official bike registration via Fiets ID, real time mobility information…), while solving deeper issues like abandoned bikes, stolen bikes, lack of parking spots in the city, or the overload of the Fietsdepot.

It also provides multiple benefits to Gemeente Amsterdam, starting with the centralisation of all processes in one single tool (bike collection, bike waste management, bike stolen reports, smart parkings…), the automation and digitalisation of multiple processes, or the collection and analytics of big data to improve services and mobility in the city.

Start up in Residence

Smart Fiets started has a collaborative project initiated by City Makers. The original purpose was to solve several problems related to the management of abandoned bikes in the city.

During the research phase, and after interviewing several citizens and the different governmental departments implicated in the bike management and mobility of the city, the project evolved into a more complex and broad service.

The project was selected for the Amsterdam’s Startup in Residence program, which happened from November ’15 to March ’16. After the program, Gemeente Amsterdam signed a launching customer contract with Smart Fiets for the co-development of a first pilot and the design of new services.

The pilot project will include a registration program (FietsID) and a search-engine for the Amsterdam’s bike deposit.


Intellectual Property rights of “Smart Fiets App.”, “Fiets ID” and “Smart Fiets Monitoring Tool” reserved to Smart Fiets founders and creators: Sito Veracruz, Ruben Lemetre and Jorge Delgado.


• Service design
• Interview design & information analysis
• Definition of personas
• Use cases scenarios
• Customer journey mapping
• Architecture information
• Processes mapping
• UX design (Wireframes, Prototypes)
• UI design
• Brand design & development

ClientGemeente AmsterdamServicesService Design, User ExperienceYear2016-...