Mesos Frameworks

Apache Mesos is an open-source software to manage computer clusters that was developed at the University of California, Berkeley.

Mesos has gained popularity in the engineering processes of many top digital companies as Twitter, Airbnb, eBay, Apple or Verizon. It also has commercial support by Microsoft, Cisco and Mesosphere.

Container Solutions is a premium software consultancy that focuses on programmable infrastructure. They are one of the lead development teams working on Mesos, constantly providing with new tools, workshops, demos and community events.

Brand Automation

Most teams working in the open-source environment are exclusively programmers and don’t have a design background. Because they also follow the Agile principles of early delivery and continuos improvement, they don’t consider branding or visual design as an important or necessary asset in their workflow.

Consequently, the mesos community looks more sparse and disperse to potential investors, companies and users, than it is in reality.

To raise awareness on the Mesos community and their own frameworks portfolio, Container Solutions commissioned the research and design of a branding system that could be automated and coded into easy to use online tools.


• Brand identity research & design
• Automated logo system design
• Visual language for information design
• Marketing collaterals automated templates
• Brand book
• Automated microsite publishing CMS
• Information architecture
• User experience maps
• Wireframes & Prototypes
• User interface
• User testing

ClientRemember to PlayServicesUX/UI, Visual

1. Modular Logo System research & design phase

2. Open-Source Automated Logo Generator Online

3. Information Design

4. Modular CMS for automated micro-web publishing

5. Open-source Mesos Community Repository